About Lynelle

LYNELLE HAIR is a company that heralds a new era of beauty, substance, fashion and self expression.

LYNELLE HAIR'S birthplace is Manila- one of the most dynamic cities and fashion centers of the world .

LYNELLE HAIR redefines the transforming power of hair as a potent force that completes and enhances one's looks.

LYNELLE HAIR highly reflects the signs of the times and the inextricable link of hair and fashion.

It is conceptualized as a vital source of superior quality hair products that address the needs of men and women today -wigs, extensions ,toupees ,integrations ,tools and other hair essentials.

LYNELLE HAIR aims to inspire, update and inform its clients about reinventing their hairstyles by using wigs & hair extensions as the newest addition to their beauty and wardrobe arsenal as reliable staples just like the LBD (Little Black Dress). Thus correcting the old misconception that wigs or hair pieces are worn only by bald or elderly people.

With its wide selection of premium quality wigs, hair pieces and extensions in rich color palettes and remarkable styles, LYNELLE HAIR aims to provide effortless sophistication, self-assurance , confidence , cool glamour and satisfaction to its clients.

The guiding vision of the company is "to inspire, encourage and support people to look, feel and be their best self , having fun and expressing their individuality through their hair."

This can be achieved with the help of DIY (do-it-yourself) hairstyling products, using the finest hair essentials from LYNELLE HAIR .

It is dedicated to achieve the following goals:

  • Uphold dignity, integrity, excellence in serving its clients and its internal operations
  • Ensure that its hair products are made of high standards of quality
  • Prioritize customer care and satisfaction
  • Provide alternatives to people with hair loss problems (inherent or caused by medical therapies), to regain confidence, a healthy sense of self and well being
  • Support and contribute to the arts, entertainment, photography and fashion
  • Position itself for continued growth, endless creativity and innovations


The young, modern and dynamic husband and wife team of businessman Saymour Go and Filipina actress Jennifer Sevilla gave birth to LYNELLE HAIR FASHION.

LYNELLE HAIR FASHION was inspired by the young couple's delightful travels to different countries with a bright, noble idea of creating the first hair fashion house in the Philippines- a modern hair and wig specialty shop for kids, men and women.

People undergoing chemo, have balding and hair thinning problems ,will attend parties ,school performances or just wanna have fun and change their looks now have an artistic, extensive, reliable hair source .

LYNELLE HAIR highly reflects the signs of the times and the inextricable link of hair and fashion.

In its own simple way, LYNELLE HAIR is driven to support and contribute to the arts, fashion, entertainment , hair and beauty in the Philippines and internationally.

LYNELLE HAIR aims to provide utmost satisfaction, value for money products, effortless style , sophistication , self-assurance , confidence, artistic self expression, fun and cool glamour to its clients and build inspiring business relationships with the best salons in the Philippines and internationally..

LYNELLE HAIR aims to develop and improve its own brands of quality hair and beauty products such as KEIRA HAIR EXTENSIONS,LYNELLE WIGS,TOUPEES,HAIR ATTACHMENTS AND INTEGRATIONS, and TEMPTRESS FALSE EYELASHES.