Hair Extensions

Q: What are hair extensions?

A: Hair extensions are multiple strands of hair that are added to your real hair to add length, thickness, volume or color .Hair extensions are top secrets and beauty must-haves of famous celebrities, models make-up artists and stylists worldwide! Now you too can easily change your looks instantly!

Introducing...KEIRA 100% Human Hair Extensions available at LYNELLEHAIR.COM, LYNELLE HAIR FASHION SHOPS and authorized salon dealers!

Q: Why should I wear hair extensions?

A: Wear hair extensions to significantly change and enhance your looks, using varied attachment methods to add length, sexiness, volume, thickness, color, highlights or lowlights -whether for temporary or semi-permanent use.

Wearing KEIRA hair extensions is the fastest way to get long hair within a few minutes or hours to achieve, instead of waiting for one's real hair to grow longer and fuller for 3 to 5 years!

KEIRA Hair Extensions can help you create as many hairstyles and dramatic hair transformations as you want!

Q: What kinds of hair extensions are available at LYNELLE HAIR FASHION?

A: We have 100% human hair clip-on extensions and semi-permanent strand by strand extensions.

Clip-on Extensions:

For instant attachment and removal -DIY(do-it-yourself) ,with an assistant or by a salon stylist anytime and anywhere in a few minutes:

  1. KEIRA Clip-on Extensions - European premium salon quality human hair
  2. KEIRA Indian Remy COLLECTION - Top of the line Indian Remy virgin human hair.

For Semi-permanent use: 100% European premium salon quality strand by strand human hair extensions:

  1. KEIRA Stick Hair -European premium salon quality stick-rolled keratin-tipped human hair
  2. KEIRA Nail Hair - European premium salon quality nail-shaped keratin-tipped human hair

IMPORTANT : For your hair safety, never attach or remove these KEIRA strand by strand hair extensions by yourself or just anybody. Please have them attached and removed by our hair extension stylists and from our authorized dealer salons.

Q: What colors can I choose from?

A: KEIRA Clip-on Extensions and REMY Indian Hair Collection

We have 4 rich shades: golden brown, choco brown, dark brown and black. For a natural look, choose a color that matches your own hair. You can also use other hues as highlights or lowlights.

KEIRA Stick Hair and Nail Hair Extensions

Indulge in 14 rich shades of blonde, caramel, copper, reddish brown , brown , black or go for funky crayon colors like yellow, red ,blue, fuschsia and more! Perfect for highlights, lowlights and bright hair color accents with no chemicals from hair dyes!

IMPORTANT : The color quality may vary depending on the resolution of your monitor. Use our color chart only as guide .

Q: Do hair extensions hurt? Will they damage my natural hair?

A: No .Not at all. KEIRA Hair Extensions are lightweight and comfortable. Clip-ons have strong but gentle clips and will not damage your hair with proper attachment. Always snap the clips open to remove. Never pull them out when clips are closed. For semi-permanent hair extensions, some people may experience a day or two of slight discomfort and tightness having a new attachment .But these are tolerable, mild and you will adjust well with the added hair in the coming days .No hair damage.


For your hair safety, never attach or remove these KEIRA strand by strand hair extensions by yourself or just anybody. Please have them attached and removed by our hair extension stylists and from our authorized dealer salons.

Q: What is a "strand"of hair extensions?

A: In hair extension terms, a "strand" is made of groups of hair, bonded together at the tip to form a single piece, then attached piece by piece unto your own hair to add length, volume, highlights, lowlights and color accents.

Q: How many strands of hair do I need for a full head?

A: An average full head of hair takes about 100 to 120 stands. This may vary, depending on the length and thickness of your real hair and the look you want .If you have a short bob or chin length hair, you may need 100 strands and for fine hair, 120 to 140 strands . With shoulder length hair, around 80 strands will do. You can keep adding extensions up to 150 strands.

Have an appointment and visit our shop or our authorized dealer salons for free consultation for best results.

Q: How long should my hair be to wear hair extensions?

A: Your hair should at least be 5 inches long. If you have bob cut hair, that is ok. There needs to be enough length of hair to lay over the areas for attachment of extensions for undetectable and natural look.

Q: How along are KEIRA Hair Extensions?

A: Semi-permanent KEIRA Stick Hair and Nail Hair Extensions: 14 inches, 18 inches and 26 inches long.

KEIRA Clip-on Hair Extensions : 16 inches and 22 inches long.

Q: What are strand by strand hair extensions?

A: This is a hair extension technique of attaching hair extensions, strand by strand to small sections of your hair to add length, volume, highlights and lowlights. In hair extension terms, a "strand" is made of groups of hair that are bonded together at the tip to form a single piece. There are many methods used but be very careful in choosing only a trusted company with proven quality products.

We have KEIRA Stick Hair & Nail Hair- strand by strand extensions.

Q: What are Stick Hair Extensions? How do you attach and remove them?

A: KEIRA Stick Hair Extensions are made of 100% human hair European premium salon quality, keratin-tipped hair . They are groups of hair that are safely bonded together at the tip like a mini stick with transparent hair protein called "keratin" to hold the strands into a single piece called "strand".

KEIRA Stick Hair Extensions are attached safely and securely to the hair by using "micro rings"-tiny aluminum beads with firm grip and has colors to match varied hair shades. Remove by loosening the firm grip of flattened micro-rings unto the hair. No heat is used. As your hair grows and/or falls out as part of your daily natural hair process, some stick hair extension strands connected to your hair will get loose and be removed too. Avoid directing heat to the keratin stick tips when using blowdrier, curling or straightening iron and heated curlers in styling hair extensions to prevent early breakage of the keratin tips.


For your hair safety, never attach or remove these semi-permanent extensions by yourself or just anybody. Please have them attached and removed by our hair extension stylists and from our authorized dealer salons.

See our satisfied customers and amazing hair transformations .

Q: What are KEIRA Nail Hair Extensions? How are they attached and removed?

A: KEIRA Nail Hair Extensions are European premium salon quality, keratin-tipped hair that are attached to your real hair, strand by strand. They are groups of hair that are bonded together at the tips with transparent hair protein called "keratin", rolled into a fingernail-shaped tip to hold the strands into a single piece called "strand".

KEIRA Nail Hair Extensions are attached using a professional hair extension connecting iron that safely bonds the keratin-tipped strands with the real hair. They can be removed without causing damage to your real hair by using a specially formulated liquid solution that eases and removes the keratin tips. As your hair grows and falls out as part of your daily natural hair process, some extension strands connected to them will get loose and be removed too.


For your hair safety, never attach or remove these KEIRA strand by strand hair extensions by yourself or just anybody. Please have them attached and removed by our hair extension stylists at LYNELLE HAIR FASHION shops or from our authorized dealer salons.

Q: How long will they last?

A: How long they will last depends on how you care for them. With proper care, regular maintenance, gentle handling , your extensions may last for several months. The hair extensions are not connected to their follicle anymore which is hair's source of nutrition so they need extra care and conditioning. They have been color-treated and sterilized in the production process. They can dry out and thin from combing, brushing and styling over time, so take care of them to prolong life.. At some point, even the best hair need to be replaced.

You can re-use KEIRA Stick Hair, and retouch every 3 to 4 weeks where you had them attached.

As your hair grows and falls out as part of your daily natural hair process, some nail hair extension strands connected to your hair will get loose and be removed. Avoid directing heat to the keratin nail tips when using blowdryer , curling or straightening iron and heated curlers in styling hair extensions to prevent early breakage of the keratin tips.

Q: I just had new hair extensions attached to my hair, what do I do next?

A: Enjoy your new hair transformation! No worries. It is normal if your head will feel the new weight of added hair .Some people may feel a slight discomfort and tightness with the new attachment within a day or two. But these should be tolerable and minor. Extensions are safely attached 1.5 inches away from your scalp. You will be feeling normal after a day or two. Gently massaging the scalp is soothing. Follow proper care, styling, washing and drying guidelines.

You can style your new hair as you like.

**For Nail Hair, do not wash your hair for at least 24 hours to let the heated keratin bond settle completely on your hair. Do not pull, tug or scrunch the hair.

Q: Can I sleep with my hair extensions on? How?

A: For semi-permanent extensions, yes you can sleep with them on. On the first night, you may feel a slight discomfort, tolerable tightness as your head adjusts with the newly attached hair.

For more comfort, sleep on your left and right side, laying your head on an extra pillow.

If you sleep on your back, spread and lay your hair over the pillow. Loose braiding the hair carefully can prevent tangles when sleeping.

For clip-on extensions, do not sleep wearing them.

Q: Can I brush my hair with extensions in place?

A: Yes! To ensure proper care and maintenance for the hair, we recommend that you use only a hair extension brush.It is very affordable and glides smoothly on each strand. Available here at LYNELLEHAIR.COM and at Lynelle Hair Fashion shops. Brush with care, starting from the bottom then gently working your up. To remove tangles, hold the hair before you brush to avoid pulling and tugging the hair.

Q: Can I use blowdryer, curling and straighten iron or heated rollers on my hair?

A: Yes, you can style your hair and the extensions using these heated styling tools carefully. Make sure you avoid directing heat on as the attachment bonded areas for KEIRA Stick or Nail Hair Extensions.You can also regular non-velcro rollers .

Q: How can I maintain my hair extensions properly?

A :


Keep your new hair clean,manageable, soft and shiny.The hair extensions are not connected to their follicle anymore which is hair's source of nutrition so they need extra care and conditioning.


**For KEIRA NAIL HAIR: wash 24 hours hours after attachment to seal the bond.

Expect color dye in the water during first few washes and rinse.This is due to the extension's production coloring process.


Regular washing is recommended for your hygiene and to prevent bacteria and dirt from piling up on your hair and extensions. Always detangle hair gently before washing. Comb downward (use wide tooth comb) from tips gradually working your way up. Apply moisturizing shampoo, gently massage the scalp and hair using your fingerpads, then rinse thoroughly.

** Expect some hair extensions are wavy when wet. That is their natural state. Simply re-style after drying.

**Do not use clarifying shampoo because this leaves the rootless hair extensions dry and brittle.

Apply a regular conditioner on your own hair .

Use an extra-moisturizing treatment conditioner for the hair extensions especially on its tips.

Leave for 3 to 5minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Deep-condition your hair once a week.

Having regular salon or home deep-conditioning, or cellophane treatments for extensions are recommended.


Towel-blot hair and gently squeeze out excess water with your fingerpads.Do not rub.

Never comb, brush or style your hair while wet.

Let hair dry naturally. For quicker drying, blast cold air using a blowdryer.

**Never direct even low heat on the keratin tip attachment areas of your hair extensions to prevent the bonds from breaking .

Do not dry hair by blow drying while brushing.

Use fingers through hair carefully while drying with blowdryer .

Your new longer hair will take more time to dry than usual.


You can use a leave- in conditioner, a serum for shine and softness, heat protectant products and sprays , repair styling serum for damaged and color-treated hair.

Do not spray cologne and perfume directly on hair extensions to prevent tangling.

Only use a wide tooth comb. A comb with round stainless metal teeth especially the rotating ones are great to smoothen and detangle hair strands.

Use a hair extension brush with special soft rounded bristles that glide smoothly on each strand from roots to tips!This feels good !

Some hair extensions that are wavy when wet if it their natural state. Simply finger -comb after drying for soft and sexy wavy hair, iron or blow dry for straight sleek look or curl them.

Style as desired.

You can use blowdryer,curling and straightening iron, heated rollers, non-velcro regular rollers to achieve different hairstyles! For permanent styles, you can have hair relaxing, cellophane, straightening, or perming treatments at our authorized dealer salons.

Q: Can I color my hair extensions?

A: Yes. Your extensions are 100% human hair so they can be color-treated. But remember that he hair extensions have already been chemically-treated in the production process to achieve varied shades and coloring may jeopardize the hair's integrity. Color results may vary from your desired shade.You can dye your extensions darker .Do not bleach or lighten them to become blonde. For light blonde extensions, do not dye more than 2 shades darker. We have many other color options for you to try! Simply view our color chart for beautiful color choices available.

Q: Can I cut my extensions?

A: Yes you can have a haircut or trim. For best results,let a professional hair stylist cut your extensions while you wear them. Have pretty layers or get your desired length.

Q: Where can I have my KEIRA hair extensions retouched?

A:You can have your retouch where you purchased and attached the KEIRA extensions( LYNELLE HAIR FASHION shops or authorized dealer salons). At LYNELLE,we have 1 month free service. Bring your proof of purchase and identification for verification. Contact us for other details.

Q: Can I wear my extensions when I swim ? When I have a spa massage or exercise ?

A:No. Do not swim with your semi-permanent or clip-on extensions. Put up and tie your hair neatly in a bun or ponytail , wear a swim cap and avoid extensions from getting wet with chlorinated water from a swimming pool or salty water from the ocean. During a massage, avoid getting the extensions oiled up.During exercise, keep all hair away from the face and body with a neat ponytail or bun to prevent sticky sweat from tangling your hair.

Q: Can I add clip-on extensions to my semi-permanent hair extensions?

A: Yes.If you need more volume ,thickness and length, you can add clip-ons with care ,proper and secure attachment .You can wear them both as long as you feel comfortable and not too heavy for your head and hair. Avoid pulling ang tugging. Be gentle in styling,combing and brushing. Remove clip-ons if not needed and during sleep time.

Q: Can children and men wear hair extensions?

A: Yes! Our KEIRA Hair Extensions are safe, comfortable and fun to wear. With our different kinds of extensions, color choices and lengths , even kids and men can have fun changing their looks instantly. Keep children properly guided and informed about hair extensions , carefeul wearing and maintenance. Kids can have crayon color highlights by wearing Stick Hair and Clip-on Extensions , with no chemical dyes applied on their hair! Cool! Men can instantly have long hair too!


Q : Which kind of wig should I choose, synthetic or human hair? What are the differences?

LYNELLE Wigs are available in 100% Human Hair and premium quality synthetic Japanese Kanekalon and fancy synthetic varieties. LYNELLE Synthetic and Human Hair Wigs are durable and can be matched to your own hair color, desired style and cut LYNELLE Wigs move, feel and look natural. We have an extensive collection of varied styles ,colors ,textures and lengths to choose from. Simply browse our LYNELLE wig galleries.


Synthetic wigs are priced lower than human hair.

LYNELLE Synthetic Wigs have "memory hair"-meaning the wigs maintain their curls, waves, straightness, and other styles including volume and texture even after washing .
LYNELLE Synthetic Wigs are great for instant wear since these are pre-curled, pre-styled or pre-straightened with locked-in memory hair. You cannot use heated styling products, blowdryers , heated rollers, curling and straightening irons which can permanently damage ,melt or frizz the synthetic fibers of the wigs .
LYNELLE Synthetic Wigs are not designed for any permanent wave, straightening or color changes. The possibilities are endless with our wide range of color, cut and style choices!

There are two types of LYNELLE Synthetic Wigs that give you more style, color and budget choices: We have premium quality Kanekalon Synthetic LYNELLE Wigs. These wigs are made of Japanese Kanekalon synthetic fibers that move, feel and look closest to real human hair.

With proper care, handling and maintenance, LYNELLE Kanekalon Synthetic Wigs will last for some years. They can be re-styled and re-set using only non-heated combs, brushes and curlers.

There are also the fancy LYNELLE Synthetic Wigs which are priced the lowest among LYNELLE Wigs. These fancy wigs are glossier, so they do not resemble human hair, have shorter lifespan and usually worn just for fun at Halloween, parties, school activities and special events , display mannequins and for those who don't require long-term wig use with lower budget. These synthetic wigs obviously look like costume wigs. LYNELLE has many amazing colors and styles to enjoy.


LYNELLE Human Hair wigs are made of 100% high quality European and Asian human hair.

For the most natural look, the ultimate choice is LYNELLE Human Hair wig. It can be styled, cut, permed or colored by a salon professional to suit your desired look. Human Hair wigs are more durable than synthetic wigs, thus they cost more. They last for several years with proper care, maintenance, handling and storage. You may use heated rollers, blowdryers , straightening and curling irons, styling products and hair sprays. And just like any human hair, perspiration, excessive heat of styling tools and humid days can cause human hair of the wig to frizz. Simply spray with water and re-style. Hair treatments and conditioning products also help soften and maintain human hair.

Q: I need a wig for everyday wear. Which wig type should I use?

For everyday use or regular prolonged wear, the best choice is a LYNELLE Human Hair wig. We highly recommend that you invest in a LYNELLE Human Hair wig which will give you more savings in the long run and is truly designed for years of regular wear with proper maintenance.

>Another option is LYNELLE Kanekalon Synthetic top quality wigs that look realistic and costs less than human hair. It is superior in quality compared to other synthetic fibers so it lasts longer, but it is not designed for regular and prolonged daily wear so expect it to last about 1 to 2 months. In this case, we highly recommend that you have at least two of the reasonably-priced LYNELLE Kanekalon Synthetic Wigs so you have a back-up piece and use them alternately. The lower-priced fancy synthetic wigs are not for daily wear.

Q: What is your wig's size?

LYNELLE Human Hair and Synthetic wigs are average-sized .For some pieces with other sizes, check the specifications. Children and adults can wear LYNELLE wigs. Each wig has adjustable elastic straps and light hooks so you can easily increase or decrease its head size or tighten and loosen for a comfortable fit. For more security, put as much hairpins discreetly as you need at the hair area of the nape, ears and forehead. You may also use a wig cap to smoothen out and neatly conceal your real hair so your wig will have a better fit .

Q: What colors can I choose from?

LYNELLE Wigs come in a wide range of amazing colors - depending on the style. You can choose from basic crayon colors , neon colors and different refreshing shades of blonde , brown , auburn and black. Only certain colors are available for each style, so always check the item's color availability.

DISCLAIMER : These colors can be used as guide only because the color quality may vary from monitor to monitor, depending on your monitor's resolution. You can choose the color that is closest to what you need.

Please do not color or dye your synthetic wig. Only 100% human hair wigs can be color-treated or dyed.

Q: How do I wear my LYNELLE Wig for the first time?

1.Carefully remove LYNELLE wig from the plastic bag or box. Remove the protective hair net gently from your wig . Shake your wig a few times to separate the fibers to the hair. Certain wigs need to be shaken to release the preset styling.

2.Clear your hair away from the face by combing or brushing then tie with a ponytail or braid or use a hair net or wig cap to keep your hair in place. Make sure your real hair is neatly kept before putting on the wig for a secure and pretty fit.

3.Hold your LYNELLE wig from the front and slip it over your head, front to back. The LYNELLE woven label/tag is usually at the back, resting on the back of your neck. Pull the wig down in the back for a secure fit, making sure that the front of the wig begins at your natural hairline. Check the fit and adjust the elastic straps to loosen or tighten accordingly. Use as much hairpins as you need -inserting them discreetly in the hair areas of the nape ,ears, forehead and other areas to have a more comfortable and secure fit.

4.Tuck in any stray hairs at the nape, front and sides . Now you can style it . With practice, your wig should be easy to put in place.

Q: Can I cut my wig?

Yes . You can have your LYNELLE Wig cut ,thinned or trimmed but only by a hair professional that you trust or by a salon hairstylist whom you is experienced in handling and cutting wigs. Wear your wig while having the haircut or trim to ensure the best result. This is applicable to LYNELLE Synthetic and Human Hair wigs.

Q: Can I color my wig?


You can permanently color only the LYNELLE Human Hair Wigs. Maintain with moisturizing and smoothening hair treatments and regular conditioning. Do not bleach the human hair wigs to prevent damage.

DISCLAIMER: The results in haircolor may vary because our human hair wigs are pre-dyed in the production process and like our real hair, coloring results differ. We do not guarantee a perfect result because many factors may affect the result depending on the hair, the colorist and product to be used for coloring.


Never use permanent haircolor on LYNELLE Synthetic Wigs. Synthetic fibers will be damaged. However, you can use washable hair color sprays sparingly. Wash the wig clean after using spray-on washable color and dry before keeping it .

DISCLAIMER: We do not guarantee the effectiveness and result of all washable hair color products and their effects on the synthetic fibers because we are not the manufacturer of the products available in the market .We may recommend some tried and tested spray-on color products that are being used by our regular wig users.

Q: How do I care for my wig?



Frequency of wig washing and shampooing depends on wearing frequency. Generally, a wig should be washed after every 6-8 wearings in warm climates or after every 12-15 wearings in cooler ones.

But it still depends on your lifestyle , how much styling products you apply on the hair like hairspray and gel (light/heavy) , air quality or environment like if you wear the wig in an especially humid place -then you should wash about once a week to remove excess dirt, perspiration and dirt. Wash your wig as needed. Use your nose and eyes to determine if the wigs needs cleaning already.


1.Detangle beforehand washing the wig by gently combing from ends to roots.

2. Fill a basin with cool/lukewarm water.

3. Gently shampoo the wig then rinse thoroughly. Use moisturizing shampoo only. Never use clarifying shampoos that will leave the hair fibers dry.

4. Fill basin with water & a dash of conditioner or fabric softener.

5. Soak the wig and leave on for about 15 minutes or overnight for more conditioning.

6.Rinse thoroughly.

If you have more than one (1) wig, wash them separately. DO NOT wash in washing machine. NEVER comb, brush, pull, tug or style wet wig.

7.To remove excess water, gently shake off the wig or pat gently w/ a towel. DO NOT rub the wig with a towel to prevent tangles.

8. Drip dry indoor, using a hanger with clips or a wig stand. Airdry only. DO NOT dry under the sun.

NEVER use blowdryer or machine dryer.

NOTE: Synthetic hair has memory so the curls ,waves or straightness are maintained after washing.Gently finger comb,or use a wide-toothed comb and brush to style. Every washing may shorten the life of your wig, so try not to use excessive styling products on it, and don't wash your wig until it looks like it needs to be washed.


Follow steps 1 to 8 except #2. Use cool water only for the human hair wig. For drying, you can use a blowdryer in a low heat or cold setting.

Expect some hair fall from the initial washing.

Expect color fading from initial washing.

If you have more than one (1) wig, wash them separately.

NOTE: Human hair is like our own hair, so when wet and after drying , expect it to come back to its natural state (straight, wavy or curly) because it does not have memory hair like synthetic wigs-unless you had it permed ot straightened permanently in a salon. After drying, style as you want using curling or straightening iron, heated or non-heated rollers or blowdryer.


This applies to LYNELLE Human Hair and Synthetic wigs.

The best way to store your LYNELLE Wig is placing it on a wig stand especially between wearings. Not only does this help prevent your wig from becoming deformed, tangled or soiled between wearings, but it also helps to maintain your wig's original style and shape. Smoothen straight hair or fluff waves and curls with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Cover the wig with a hair net that holds its style without flatting it out.

DO NOT store the wig in moist, wet & tangled condition. Always store your wig in a clean and completely dry condition. Make sure you store your wig in a clean, safe and dry area away from dust, mildew, sunlight and other sources of high heat like gas stoves, ovens. Avoid leaving your LYNELLE Wigs near heat(vents, radiators, stoves, lamps),humidity (showers) or dusty places.



To hold style in place, you can use a mild hairspray or hair mousse , wig spray or a water-based hair gel.

. Use a wide-spaced comb / brush


. Always detangle the wig before styling.

Synthetic wigs have memory hair so the styles remain-whether straight,curly or wavy.

You can retouch the style using non-heated hair tools like picks, wide-tooth comb and brush.

An effective styling technique is using clean cool water in a spray bottle .

Lightly spritz water on the wig to remove static electricity , detangle or to get back its original style.

For straight and wavy synthetic hair, gently comb from the ends then gradually working your way to the roots.

For curly style, re-set by the section of curls using plain benders, ordinary or wire mesh rollers .

Never use Velcro rollers because they destroy the style and pull out fibers.

Separate the curls with your fingers gently . You may also use a wide-tooth comb.

Never use a brush with thick bristles on the curls, it will make the fibers frizzy.




Moderate use of mild hair and wig styling products (like sprays and water-based gels) prolongs the life of your wig.


To hold a style in place, you can use a mild hairspray or mousse, wig spray or hair gel.

. Use a wide-spaced comb / brush.

. Always detangle the wig before styling.

An effective styling technique is using clean cool water in a spray bottle . Lightly spritz water on the wig to remove static electricity or to prep up a wig for restyling.

Heated styling tools can be used such as blowdryers, heated rollers, straightening and curling irons for human hair wigs, but monitor for overheating. You may also heat protectant hair products when using curling ,straightening irons or heated rollers.

Moderate use of these heated styling tools and products prolongs the life of your wig.


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a. Lynellehair.com offers door-to-door delivery to most parts of the Philippines. If we cannot deliver to the destination you indicated, our sales executive will immediately inform you that we will not be able to process your order.

b. However, there are instances when items ordered and processed may not be successfully delivered to your intended recipient. In such cases, lynellehair.com is not liable for delay or non-delivery of your orders and does not entitle you to a refund and/or product replacement. Once your order has left our premises it is then solely and fully in the hands of the delivery/courier company as from the day your order status is changed to "Sent Out" or "Dispatched" (by choosing a shipping option this is the follow on service you have chosen and paid for yourself as a customer). We can provide you with any tracking information, dates, and reference numbers and help you with the claims from third party carrier.

c. Whenever you place an order with lynellehair.com, you certify that the delivery details provided are correct and/or accurate. Our sales executive will contact and inform you that the delivery address originally provided is incorrect and will request you to verify the address and/or provide us with a NEW and VALID delivery address.

d. If a package is returned to us because you failed to get it redelivered or collect it from your local delivery office within the timescale because you or kin relative were not home when the postman attempted to deliver, then postage fees to resend an item back out to you may be requested before it is resent, because we (as the sender), have to repay postage on the item to be resent.

e. Furthermore, lynellehair.com sales executive shall be not liable for any loss, delay, non delivery or misdelivery of your orders due to any of the following:

  1. Act of God or force majeure including but not limited to strike, war, rebellion, civil commotion, natural disaster or calamity, bad weather condition, acts of public enemies.
  2. Act, omission, fault of shipper, its agent, third party claiming interest in the shipment and government agencies with actual or apparent authorities.
  3. Nature of the shipment or other characteristic, defect or inherent vice thereof.

Below are the shipping options and the associated Shipping & Handling Charges

Carrier( Third Party ) Destination Flat Rates
Air21 Within Metro Manila Php 100.00
  Outside Metro Manila Php 150.00
LBC Express Package( 1 day) Php 230.00
EMS International Client Upon Request
TNT International Client Upon Request

Note: All shipping costs are determined by the weight and size of the product(s) ordered and where in the world we are shipping to, unless otherwise stated. The shipping costs are always displayed to you when you proceed to the checkout and before you enter your payment details. Please make a careful note of this as mistakes cannot be rectified afterwards. We reserve the right to increase shipping costs as per third party carrier rates.

3. Warranties and Liabilities

a. Lynellehair.com will replace products found to be defective on delivery without charge. Goods incorrectly supplied or invoiced as a result of error on the part of the Company will be credited without charge. Any item in its original, undamaged packaging, except special order products, may be returned within 7 days of delivery. These are the sole remedies in such cases. Furthermore, we guarantee that the products undergone quality control free from defects in materials.

b. The above warranty is given by the Company subject to the condition that Lynellehair.com shall be under no liability in respect of any defect arising from fair wear and tear, willful damage, negligence, failure to follow maintenance instructions (whether oral or in writing), misuse or alteration or repair without the Company's approval. Please also check on our FAQ page for more information regarding the products.

Lynelle Hair Fashion reserves the right at our discretion to make changes to these terms and conditions. Please check this page periodically for changes.