Lynelle foundation

The guiding vision of LYNELLE HAIR FASHION is "to inspire, encourage and support people to look, feel and be their best self , having fun and expressing their individuality through their hair."

In line with this, we aim to provide hair alternatives in the form of "wigs" not just for fun, fashion statement s and self expression, but more importantly to help children, male and female adult cancer patients deal with hair loss during chemotherapy treatments.

Losing one's hair because of chemotherapy can be depressing and even emotionally devastating to many. Wearing a "wig" that is similar to their original hair helps give them a sense of normalcy once again. This makes them look and feel like their usual self that helps to regain their confidence, have a healthy sense of self and well being which are vital for their recovery and healing.

LYNELLE HAIR FASHION would like to extend help and support to indigent cancer patients in the form of "wigs" through selected non-government , non-profit, non-stock organizations and health institutions.

For more information and inquiries, please contact us via email :