Hair Extensions

LYNELLE pioneered several hair products and styling essentials for Filipinos so they don’t have to shop abroad to have the latest hair fashion staples and trends.

These are: Hair Extensions in varied forms(Clip-ons, Stick Hair, Ponytail & others), Lacefront Wigs, Clip-on Bangs, Clip-on Toupees, Instant Hair Buns, Chignons, Hair Bun Donuts, Braids ,Wig Caps, Portable Wig Stands, Clip-on Hair Integrations, Mannequin Training heads and other products for hair professionals and end users.

LYNELLE introduced Hair Extensions in the country with our own brand KEIRA HAIR EXTENSIONS by Jennifer Sevilla.

We have so many varieties : Clip-ons & semi permanent ones in every color and varied lengths ,thickness & width. Made of finest quality human hair and some class A Synthetic colored Highlights.

It is a huge trend abroad that became a staple in every foreign and local celebrity’s beauty secret. Majority of Filipino celebrities wear KEIRA.